Can a theoretical physicist love biochemistry? (Spoiler: YES!)

After completing the training, my final project has now begun! DAY 37/60 After the initial week of training in Italy and the month of training in Greece, my final project has begun! I am so grateful for this in-depth training

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Introducing a Vegan to Protein

As a vegan, I am undoubtedly familiar with protein and how important it is to our survival – even more so now that I have been studying it for my PRACE Summer of HPC Internship. More specifically, I have been

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Rebecca Lait

Hello from Bologna! My name is Beckie Lait, I am 21 years old and I have just started my PRACE Summer of HPC journey! I have been looking forward to this opportuity for so long and I am so pleased

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Using HPC to investigate the structure and dynamics of a KRAS oncogenic mutant

Project reference: 1910 High-Performance Computing has lately enabled multimillion atom simulations in nanoscale systems. In this project, we will simulate KRAS, a protein, which is mutated in 70% of human cancers in contact with a model cell membrane. The goal

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