Davide Crisante

Davide Crisante

DPD simulation of spontaneous vesicle formation of amphiphilic vesicle: formed vesicle (left) and cross-section with encapsulated water (right)
image credits : www.scd.stfc.ac.uk

Hello world! In this post I’m going to introduce myself. I’m Davide Crisante, I’m from Italy and I study Engineering and Computer Science in University of Bologna.

I had my first approach with HPC thanks to a university course, from that course I started to really like HPC and looking for a way to dive deep in that world I’ve found the Summer of HPC program! I really like thinking about resolutive approaches of every kind of problem, so the Summer of HPC will be a really pleasant way of living my summer!

I’ve been assigned to the Scaling the Dissipative Particle Dynamic (DPD) code, DL_MESO, on large multi-GPGPUs architectures project. My colleague Nursima ÇELİK and I will work on the DL_MESO software, a solver for mesoscale simulations of complex fluids’ behaviour.

image credits : www.sciencedirect.com/

The purpose of this project will be on porting and benchmarking some functions of the Dissipative Particle Dynamics section of the DL_MESO from FORTRAN to CUDA/C.

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