Deep Learning & HPC for Everyone!

Deep Learning & HPC for Everyone!

Hello dear passengers, the new topic about my project is equality!

I believe the topics in SoHPC should be comprehensible for everyone, so I decided to make a game to explain how HPC and Deep Learning works with a game.

” Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

While designing the game, the aim was giving the idea as simple as possible for every age and gender.

There are two modes of the game:

-Training Mode: You can train the deep neural network by sliding the images into the Deep Learning Module.
-Inference Mode: The trained deep neural network will try to guess the images that you slide.

Also, there is a button where the magic happens!
HPC Button: You can “Speed Up” the training and inference process by increasing the “HPC Workers”.

Don’t be shy! Just try the game, it is fun:

You can access the game with the full resolution by clicking here or you can download the PC version here. I made the game with Unity.

The training and inference of deep learning is a heavy computational process. While extracting information from images (they are just numbers in computers’ eyes), many matrix operations (like adding, multiplication and padding) happening. The process is long, however, the magic of HPC helps.

You can feel the powerful touch of HPC in the game with the button.

Very big thanks to my friend Çağdaş for helping me with his expertise in this project.

-Behind the idea-

Besides working and learning new academic things commonly in the beautiful nature of STFC Hartree Centre,

SoHPC event gave me a great opportunity to meet awesome people and visit fantastic places.

After one inspirational month in this event, I started to think about what we do and feel should be shared with everyone as simple as possible.

The photos in the game:

In loving memory of my best friends, the bird “Tekir”, and the dog “Kuzu Kulak”.

From playing games in his childhood to developing his own game, the journey of designing and programming became a passion for him. While studying Electronics and Communication Engineering, exploring new computer science areas with successful projects encouraged him to be a part of cutting-edge technologies by combining academic knowledge with the industry. Also, he is interested in Olive and Mastic Trees, Green Technologies, Repairing and Recycling. In his free time, he loves to learn and practice tango, lute, clarinet, talk about philosophy.

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8 comments on “Deep Learning & HPC for Everyone!
  1. Hilal Çalışkan says:

    this is a great example of what you’ve been doing. now i am beginning to understand what is HPC and why we need it. and, animals in the game are so funny, thanks 🙂

  2. Recep ŞAHİN says:

    Eline,gönlüne sağlık çok güzel olmuş başarılarının devamını diliyorum.

  3. Şevval Semiz says:

    Really very useful and I learned a lot.Also the game is very entertaining.Thank you!

  4. Şilan Mete says:

    You have explained how HPC and Deep Learning works very well by making this game.I finally understand what you were trying to do in SoHPC.
    It was also nice to see our friends in the game😊. You will be a very successful and good scientist.
    I wish your dreams to come true💫.

  5. Melis güray says:

    In my opinion, HPC is one of the most creative thing that I have ever seen. İ wish everybody thinks like you. I believe you will take your career to the next level with this game 🙏🏻😊

  6. Chuck Bouillon says:

    But can it run Crysis? (Just kidding, visit knowyourmeme(dot)com/memes/but-can-it-run-crysis for further information about the joke.)

    The way you describe the concept of deep learning is amazing because the games like these can reach not only the children but also the elders. As I said it before, you guys will change the world for sure.

    May the friends we lost rest in peace. Ciao!

  7. Yagmur Kirlangic says:

    If you can make this subject so understandable for even a language major (such as myself!), that means that you’ve done an excellent job in making it accessible and easy to comprehend for everyone!

    By the way – I love the animals, especially Ramses! 🙂

  8. DF says:

    Well explained, simple and effective!

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