From Bologna to Julich to the very end

From Bologna to Julich to the very end

The past two months have been a really great experience and i would like to thank PRACE summer for the opportunity that has given me to participate in this program and work with supercomputers. I would also like to thank my supervisors at the Julich center that helped me reach my goal of the project and also learn tons of new stuff.

All of the journey has been amazing. To begin with, first week in Bologna i learned a lot of things about the usefulness of parallel programming and i met all the incredible members that participate in this program including professors and staff that make the PRACE summer possible.

The program was as such it provided a good balance between having fun and education.

Then with my arrival at Julich i was introduced to many different new concepts such as architectures of computers, possible scalability of different networks, numerical methods that i wasn’t aware of and many other things.

Continuing, my project had begun and at that point i was not only absorbing new material but i was also implementing it. These past couple of months helped me a lot to increase my knowledge and my confidence as a programmer since programming is not my kind of routine as i study mechanical engineering.

At last i will portray again how beautiful Julich is. By having a bike i visited pretty cool places in and close to Julich. The city has a really great history that can be studied in the castle, there are also very nice events almost every weekend at the square as an example last weekend there were beach volley matches which was pretty awesome. There are also very beautiful lakes for swimming and a zoo which pretty much has all kind of entertainment for kids and grown ups. I will add some pictures of some places that i have visited, consider it an update from my last post.

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