Greetings from Sunny Galway!

Greetings everyone!


View from my office in the university

I just moved to Galway, a small town to the west of Ireland where I will be working on my project during the summer. I am working in ICHEC (Irish Centre for High-End Computing)  which is hosted by the National University of Ireland in Galway.

Here i will complete a project involving a plugin for Paraview with use in climate data. I will be warming up the first week getting to know all the technologies needed.


The weather here is great for some strange reason!! I live in a student residence near the university just 10 minutes away.

Galway City

Galway City

Galway is a very lively city. The streets are crowded with people, the pubs are full of life and everyone is really happy here! There are also a couple of festivals going on these days (i.e the Galway Film Festival and the Galway Arts Festival) so more people are expected to come to  town.

More news soon!!


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