Hybrid mode in 2022

Hybrid mode in 2022

Due to recent changes in travel restrictions and programme funding PRACE is planning to change fully virtual Summer of HPC 2022 into hybrid mode, where some PRACE hosting sites will provide on-site placement and mentoring face-to-face (F2F) for around 15 project, while 7 remain online.

Travel, accommodation and a stipend will be covered for one student per project as in times before Covid-19 restrictions. For PRACE hosting sites that will remain in virtual (online) mentoring of two students per project a financial support will be given to both students. Students already applied will need to consider this change of the program mode and modify the application if necessary. For his reason applications are extended for two weeks. See updated timeline for details.

Although for some sites ether mode (F2F or online) is possible, PRACE is preferring F2F and final decision will be agreed by firstly offering F2F and if not preferred two students selected will be offered online participation.

  • 2201 and 2202 at BSC, Barcelona, Spain, F2F either way but certain preference for online
  • 2203 at CC SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia, Online
  • 2204 and 2205 at CINECA, Trieste and Bologna, Italy, either
  • 2206-2211 at IDRIS and partners, France, Project 2207 online. The rest can be either way.  Slight preference for the online version regarding project 2211
  • 2212 and 2213 at IT4I, Ostrava, Czechia, online
  • 2214 and 2215 at FZJ, Juelich, Germany online only
  • 2216 at STFC, Warrington, UK, online
  • 2217 at SURF, Amsterdam, Nederlands, F2F
  • 2218 at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, F2F
  • 2219, 2220, and 2221 at University of Luxembourg, either way
  • 2222 at VSC, Vienna, Austria, either (F2F on-site or online)

List of the projects
2201 Leveraging HPC to test quality and scalability of a genetic analysis tool
2202 Fusion reactor materials: Computational modelling of atomic-scale damage in irradiated metal
2203 Neural networks in chemistry – search for potential drugs for COVID-19
2204 Automated Extraction of Satellite BAthymetric data by Artificial Intelligence strategies
2205 A dashboard for on-line assessment of jobs execution efficiency
2206 Designing a Julia Parallel code for adaptive numerical simulation of a transport problem
2207 Assessment of the parallel performances of permaFoam up to the tens of thousands of cores and new architectures
2208 Optimization of neural networks to predict results of mechanical models
2209 Implementation of an advanced STAbility condition of explicit high-order Spectral Element Method for Elastoacoustics in Heterogeneous media
2210 Turbulence Simulations with Accelerators
2211 High Performance Data Analysis: global simulations of the interaction between the solar wind and a planetary magnetosphere
2212 Fundamentals of quantum algorithms and their implementation
2213 Heat transport in novel nuclear fuels
2214 High Performance Quantum Fields
2215 Chitchat, Gossip & Chatter,- How to efficiently deal with communication
2216 Scaling HMC on large multi-CPU and/or multi-GPGPUs architectures
2217 High Performance System Analytics
2218 Parallel big data analysis within R for better electricity consumption prediction
2219 Computational Fluid Dynamics
2220 Performance Comparison and Regression for XDEM Multi-Physics Application
2221 Designing Scientific Applications on GPUs
2222 HPC-Derived Affinity Enhancement of Antiviral Drugs

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