Introductory post to Carlos Munar Raimundo

Introductory post to Carlos Munar Raimundo
Photo of me in front of the "Arco di Trionfo" in Italy.

First of all, I am Carlos Munar, I am 20 years old and I am studying at University of Almería, Spain. Although I study in Almería, I am from Palma of Mallorca, Balearic Islands, I have lived there since 18 years old that I moved to Almería. I am a part-time climber because with the study and the pandemic I have no time to practice it; and also I am very interested too in photography.

I am studying computer engineering and on september I will start mi forth year. I am specialising in IT category, but I am very interested in HPC, because I like very much mathematics (despite the fact that I am not soo good that I want).

Secondly, I first heard about HPC and parallel code on a subject called multiprocessors. I have learned about PThreads and MPI. I think it is very interesting because these things are what supports all the informatics nowadays. I mean, everyone wants to get more things done faster, and the hardware now is slower evolution than software. So, we need to focus on the hardware resources that we have already and make them faster and better. By using computers interconnected each other, and these computers are multicore, you will get a supercomputer that can do more work with the same time, and if the code that is running in parallel you will get even more performance.

Therefore, I have applied to a project called “Implementation of Parallel Branch and Bound algorithm for combinatorial optimization“, at University of Ljubljana which are the three topics that I like: parallel code, optimization of mathematical functions and algorithms. Consequently, when I first heard that I have been selected to this project I was very happy because with one stroke I hit everything that I like to get more knowledge.

In addition to this, I will be working on a real project of the real world, and with a real supercomputer. Also, I will know more people that are interested in the same things that I am. So, all were good news. Although, it will not be the complete experience of Summer of HPC because all will be telematic. But this is also a good new too because in the other case I would not meet İrem Naz Çoçan to work at the same project.

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