KNOCK* KNOCK* Who is There? SoHPC!

KNOCK* KNOCK* Who is There? SoHPC!

Introducing myself

Hello everyone and greetings from Turkey! I am an electronics and communications engineering student at Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH), but I am in love with artificial intelligence and practices as well as the field I chose to study, and I love shaping my life with this passion. My interest in artificial intelligence, which has been coming from childhood, has become deeper as I learn new things in this field day by day. When I was learning machine learning, artificial neural networks, generative adversarial networks, I found myself in this field. With multi-disciplinary studies, I saw that artificial intelligence can be applied in every field. Freediving and mountain biking are among my professional hobbies. Also, I am interested in camping, being in touch with nature and the sea, meeting new people, and discovering new things. I have always dreamed of exploring the bottom of the sea.

Training week

As someone who has never been abroad before, the Summer of HPC (SoHPC) program was very scary for me at first. I would have to contact tens of people whose native language was different from me, but seeing the warmth of the coordinators in the first minutes of the training week helped me overcome this fear, and thanks to the Social events, all that political atmosphere left the place to a friendly atmosphere. Due to the shifting of timings around the world caused by the pandemic, the SoHPC training week coincided with the final exam period, but since they recorded each lesson, I was able to easily watch all the lessons I missed. The presence of an event like Summer of HPC has made these days much easier and more bearable for us today when the pandemic has become the reality of life.

Meeting with Teammates & Mentors

Meeting my group mates and our mentor was the most exciting part of the first week’s process. It is very important for me to know the people I work with, to communicate with them. I first met my teammates and quickly got used to each other. In the following hours, I met our mentors and got a short summary of my project. In the following days, I had more extensive meetings with our mentors and learned the details of the project. I believe that conducting a professional project sincerely in such a large organization will contribute to me a lot in my academic and business life. As far as I can imagine, we will be able to carry out an instructive project as I imagined with my mentor Anton and my teammate Francesca.

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