Landing in Edinburgh and takeoff to HPC

Landing in Edinburgh and takeoff to HPC
The district of Leith

We are already in our third Summer of HPC week and we are completely adapted to our new schedules. For the week in Barcelona I will not say much. Just that I had an amazing week and I am happy and grateful that I met 19 other science-friends, with whom I could share my passion for science, and luckily, not only that!  It was an important week, because, besides the interesting lectures, we had time to get to know each other and we actually felt part of a bigger thing.

The district of Leith.

As for Edingurgh, it is a beautiful city and everyone is kind and extremely helpful. Me, Jana, and Ondrej have already seen many parts of the city. The Edinburgh Castle, the Calton Hill, the Leith, the Princess street, and the Monument of Scott. I could go on for quite a long time about the things that someone can see in Edinburgh! Personally, I am stunned by the green areas that are located in the heart of the city. Me and Ondrej had the chance to explore many of these areas since we go running pretty often and every time we follow a different path, just to discover what’s behind the next corner, and it is always worth the try! (Simon would be very proud of us!)

One of the great things about being in Edinburgh during the summer is the Edinburgh International Festival which starts in early August. Although we have a few days left, there is already a festive atmosphere and other smaller fests take place, such as the Jazz&Blues Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Carnival and music scenes and performances are all over the city .

A view from the opening event of the jazz and Blues Festival in the Grassmarket.

One of the music stages in the opening event of the Jazz and Blues Festival, in the Grassmarket.

Concerning my project I am really happy with it. My mentor, Nick, is a very enthusiastic person and this is always inspiring. The project looks promising and hopefully we will have the first version of the game by the end of the summer.

Finally, I couldn’t close my post without some reference to the weather! It seems that here, weather is always a good conversation topic! So, I would like to state that for my personal data weather it is really cold, it can be sunny, and seconds after that dark and rainy and then windy, and so on…but that might also be part of the charm of the city. You never know what’s next!

Cheers from Edinburgh!

And a sunny morning!

And a sunny morning!

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