Marc Túnica: a brief introduction.

Marc Túnica: a brief introduction.

Hello everybody! My name is Marc  and I am writing from the mediterranean city of Barcelona, land of several personalities such as Antoni Gaudí, Mercè Rodoreda and Leo Messi.  I was born in this city 23 years ago. Currently, I am studying physics and maths at the University of Barcelona.  

About Me

I would describe myself as an active person, maybe a little bit impatient too. I am passionate for science and maths. I am interested in the huge number of opportunities that computer science brings us to study physic systems.  I also play guitar (extremely bad, actually), particularly, I enjoy playing jazz. If I have to choose a film, it is Midnight in Paris by Allen, a book, 1984 by Orwell and a song,  Isadora by Christian Scott.

About Summer of HPC

Regarding my virtual stage in the Summer of HPC, I am involved in the 2120 High Performance Quantum Fields program. Specifically, I am beginning a project about Carbon Nanostructures (CNS). The main goal of this project is to collaborate with the CNS group from the Jülich Supercomputing Centre, performing and creating a C++ library and an algorithm to model CNS using fermionic matrixes. I will learn and try to post about C++,  OpenMP,  GPU programming and, in general, scientific program design.  

Hope to know more about all of you. And if you have planned to visit Barcelona do not hesitate to contact me: I have a list of the best restaurants!! 

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