Multitasking in real life

Multitasking in real life

Hi, I’m Rafał and this year I wanted to make something interesting during my 3 months long summer break and… SoHPC came with help!

I come from Poland and I’ve studied Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science simultaneously at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Just before the end of 2019 I finished writing my biomedical engineering thesis, so since the beginning of 2020 I’ve had much more time to do computer stuff.

Don’t let the dirty water discourage you, Wrocław is really beautiful.

I love optimization – making programs faster and more reliable always brings a smile to my face. It is very important especially regarding real time applications running on microcontrollers, where every CPU cycle matters. My programming journey’s begun from Java but C and C++ really stole my heart.

Optimization is just making things better and life easier.
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About my project

In the January I saw SoHPC ad on my University facebook page. I checked the site and became interested in the programme, especially since I was looking for some kind of internship. I applied, got in and will be taking part in the project 2022 – Novel HPC Parallel Programming Models for Computing. I had never used supercomputers before and I thought this programme would be a great way to start, since I won’t be left alone and have some experienced mentor watching over me.

The project will focus on profiling and benchmarking some parallel programming models. I’m going to write some algorithms in C/C++ and compare the results obtained from running these models. Maybe I will find some bottlenecks or applications for which some models work better than the other ones? Who knows…

What I know for sure is that for me this summer will be a lesson on multitasking because since SoHPC is online this year, I’ve decided to take part in another internship programme organised by my University in my city. So at the end of August I’m going to find out if a human can be such a multitasker as a computer is but I’m very optimistic and I think it’s going to be fun!

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