My experience in the course

My experience in the course
A photo of me in my city

Hello, my name is Omar, I am 23 years old, I am a studious and enterprising boy. I did different studies in the computer area, in fact, I have a degree in computer engineering and a specialized Master in the same sector, I am currently doing the second Master in cybersecurity and data intelligence in conjunction with the PhD.

From Canarias (Spain) to the Irish Center for High End Computing

In this blog, I come to tell you about my experience in the HPC summer course, which I have had the privilege of taking from the comfort of my island, specifically, from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands (Spain), within which it is enjoyed of a totally paradisiacal climate and, which I recommend entirely. Likewise, I must emphasize that this course has been carried out through different online platforms such as, for example, the zoom platform, through which the teacher has met every day with the best disposition and encouraging us more and more, not only to internalize that knowledge but to be part of it. This experience was quite enriching, since as my university instructors previously commented to me, this opportunity allowed me to broaden my range of knowledge about the computer science area and go a little deeper into certain knowledge related to my PhD.

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