Marko Misic

Marko Misic

Marko Misic

Marko Misic, 29 years old, is from Serbia and he is travelling to Scotland in order to work at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) on the project called “Multi-platform parallel code coverage and regression testing with CP2K” with his project mentor Iain Bethune. He describes himself as a passionate, hard working and creative person.

Marko studied Computer Engineering and Informatics at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, where  he is currently a PhD student and a teacher assistant; he is in his third year of research in the field of GPU computing (GPU programming, GPU architecture and organisation, algorithms,…) and he teaches courses on programming, algorithms, multiprocessor systems and GPU computing.

Marko is from Kovin, small town from northern part of Serbia, but he has been living in Belgrade for 10 years. He has a brother four years younger than him who works as a historian. Marko loves his country as he thinks it is very interesting place and the people there are warm and hospitable. He enjoys rock music, he plays the guitar and he loves doing different types of sports such as volleyball, basketball, skiing or tennis. In fact, he is very excited about the famous tennis courts in Edinburgh.

He loves travelling, as he visited many European countries from France and Germany to Russia. He has also visited the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) in Spain and he has worked for NVIDIA in California, United States during his three-month internship in the summer of 2009.

He first heard about the Summer of HPC through an HPC mailing list, and then applied because of the interesting projects. He is hoping to gain some experience for his research work because he will be in touch with real applications and real infrastructure. This program will also be useful for improving his teaching abilities.

This profile was written by Maria Aston Serrano Gracia.

Read Marko’s posts here.


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