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Mordechai Butrashvily is very excited to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to participate in the Summer of HPC programme.  He has never been to Denmark, so he expects a lot from “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”.  Moti, as friends call him, is going to work on Accelerate routines within the CCSM4 project using GP-GPU.  He is thrilled to have an opportunity to join his interests in climate modelling and GPU programming.

Moti is pursuing his master degree at the Tel-Aviv University in the field of physics and geophysics, but he also has a background in computer science. Moti is interested in quantum-physics, optics and geophysics, fluid and solid mechanics, together with his interests in HPC. He is currently into high performance simulation of migration of geophysics problems.

Mordechai lives in Shoham, a small, quite town near Tel Aviv airport, the largest airport in Israel. When he’s not busy with projects at the University, Moti enjoys reading and listening to music. He likes history books and books on psychology and philosophy. He says that he likes variety of music, from classical songs to the music of ’70, ’80 and ’90, and even clubbing music. He used to practise martial arts and swimming, but enjoys other sports as well.

Moti is really looking forward to expanding his knowledge in climate and atmospheric modelling and is very enthusiastic to work on The Community Earth System Model, one of the best simulations of the Earth’s climate states and changes. After the internship, he is going to share gained experience with other students at his home University, Tel-Aviv, as he is going to give a short seminar on the CCSM4 project.

This profile was written by Marko Misic.

You can read Moti’s posts here.


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