Vito Šimonka

Vito Šimonka

Vito Šimonka

Vito is currently a master student of physics at the faculty of natural sciences and mathematics of the university of Maribor. He was born in a small town near the Hungarian and the Croatian border. Since his father is Hungarian, he speaks a little bit Hungarian himself. Maribor is the second-largest city of Slovenia with between 50,000 and 100,000 inhabitants. There, he’s living in one of the dormitories of the university.

In his work, he is using computers to solve numerical problems in computational biophysics. After completing his master studies, he plans to continue with a PhD in Maribor.

His project for the summer of HPC will be in Barcelona. He is looking forward to going there, both for the city and for the project. Until now, he has not been to Barcelona before. He will be working in task based parallelisation. In his future works, he plans to use these techniques more heavily. Until now, he has only made first experiences with parallelisation.

His professor told him about the announcement of the Summer of HPC by forwarding an email from the computing department.

Besides university, he plays football in the fifth Slovenian football league. His position is in the attacking midfield. Before leaving for university, he played in the first league, but he ended his football career because he needed the time for his studies. Whereas his idol in football is Ibrahimovic, he admires Einstein for his works in physics.

His favourite club in Europe in Juventus Turin. In winter, he occasionally goes to the mountains for snowboarding.

This profile was written by Hannes Grimm-Strele. 

You can read Vito’s posts here.

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