Simos Kazantzidis

Simos Kazantzidis

photo My name is Simos Kazantzidis and I am from Greece. I studied Computer Engineering at the National and Kapodistrian  University of Athens. I am a postgraduate student in Bioinformatics of Information and Technologies in Medicine and Biology (I.T.M.B) at the University of Athens. In my master thesis I am dealing with the automatic prediction of  gene’s splice sites by using different kinds of machine learning techniques and transfer learning approaches. The  objective of this work is the study of the representation of genes, in order to take into account the sequence of  nucleotides in a genome, and the role of representation in this learning transfer methods.

I would definitely like to continue with a Ph.S in the Bioinformatics field. And that’s why I decided to take my first steps here in HPC. In order to gain experience and have a more spherical view of working abroad as a researcher.

I am going to take part in the project “Collaborative interface for in-situ visualization and steering of HPC molecular dynamics simulations” here in Barcelona. I am really excited about this summer project and cannot wait to start.

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