Petr Stehlík

Petr Stehlík

std::cout << “Hello world!” << std::endl;

Ahoj! My name is Petr and I come from a magical land of beer – Czech Republic. I live and study in Brno, the second largest city, sometimes called the Silicon Valley of central Europe.

Last spring I finished my bachelor’s degree at Brno University of Technology (BUT), Faculty of Information Technology and I continue to study there for a Master’s degree in the Information Technology Security program.

Since my earliest days in IT, I have been interested in data visualisation. During recent years this has been one of the main issues in big data (which is my point of interest as well). This is why my bachelor thesis topic was in a similar field—”Visualization of Network Security Events” which focused on visualising large datasets of network events.

With big data comes the need for high-performance computing and that is how I got interested in the PRACE Summer of HPC program, where a couple of projects were right in my field of interest. I was lucky enough to be chosen for such a project and during the summer I will develop a web visualization of HPC system’s energy load with guys from the CINECA facility in Bologna, Italy. With this project in mind we are going the other way around because the HPC system itself will generate really big data (e.g. monitoring or statistics information) and the tricky thing here is to pick the correct data to collect, analyze, store and eventually visualize.


Every now and then I try to pickup a new skill (in IT, of course) and most recently I dived into IoT (Internet of things). How? Simple, I bought Raspberry Pi Zero W and a couple of sensors to tinker with. Now I know the temperature of my flat when I am away. It might sound silly but the next project I will undertake is to build a quadrocopter from scratch controlled by a Steam Controller. Cool, huh?

stack overflow in real life

That’s what you call “stack overflow”

When I power off my PC (which I usually don’t anyway) I enjoy a good book or movie. One of my most favorite writers is Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy book series. Another passion in my life is food. I love to cook and I love to eat it. That is another reason I am really looking forward to be in Bologna. Bye bye, diet!

To finish off with my favorite quote (with a small addition):

Don’t panic… and keep the data flowing!

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