Petr Valenta

Petr Valenta


Petr Valenta comes from the beer heaven of Europe – the Czech Republic. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s studies in the Computational Physics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He already acquired a bachelor’s degree in the Engineering Informatics at the same university and as well, during his studies he spent one year in France at Grenoble Institute of Technology. He participates in various research projects and has recently been working at IBM R&D lab.

Within the SoHPC programme, he will be working at CINECA, the largest Italian supercomputing centre and one of the most important worldwide. The purpose of the project ‘In-Situ and Batch Visualization of Biogeochemical State of the Mediterranean Sea’ he will be part of, is to integrate a visualization tool within the current model workflow. The final product should consists of visualization scripts based on ParaView ecosystem as well as a movie illustrating the use and the results obtained during the work period.

He considers this opportunity as a truly unique and unrepeatable. He is aware that the development of parallel algorithms that lead to a stable and sufficiently exact solutions belongs to the most challenging fields of modern science. That is why he would like to deepen his knowledge in numerical analysis, simulation techniques and tools to visualize computed results from the experts in the field. He is willing to learn about state-of-the-art technologies and he would like to get the much needed experience to overcome obstacles in the future. Furthermore, he is highly motivated and expects his contribution to the project will be meaningful. Petr is ready to meet new people to work with and to exchange his thoughts and ideas.


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2 comments on “Petr Valenta
  1. Honza Koza says:

    Really interesing project! I hope yoi will be working and not spending your money on beer. You can bake me some perniky in the future. Send my best regards to Anurag!

  2. Rajesh Dogra says:

    Don’t forget to wake up Anurag every morning! 🙂

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