Summer of HPC kicks off in Edinburgh

Summer of HPC kicks off in Edinburgh
St. Leonard's Hall

On the cloudy Sunday of the June 29th, 24 perspective young students met together in the town of Edinburgh to start an amazing 2 months long adventure into the High Performance Computing.

St. Leonard's Hall

St. Leonard’s Hall

The kickoff started in the Leonard’s Hall, a Harry Potter Hogwarts style building, with getting to know each other games. Participants learned each others’ names and some facts about themselves and their countries by playing some very sophisticated games. These included both physical (ball throwing) and mental activities (good memory).

After a nice presentation from Nix and Emma about PRACE and Summer of HPC, physical exercises continued with walking to Arthur’s Seat hills for an enjoying photo session in official PRACE Summer of HPC outfits. After all this effort, participants had a typical Scottish lunch on a typical Scottish grass lawn in the campus.

Later in the week, the participants will undergo a MPI and OpenMP training and a Visualization course on Friday. They are all excited about the training week and their forthcoming projects, which they hope will be very successful.

At the end of the week, the group will separate and go to their respective locations to spread the HPC magic all over the Europe.


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