Summer of HPC ? Shortly work, learn, have fun

Summer of HPC ? Shortly work, learn, have fun
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Greetings to all,

Actually, I would like to go back a little bit with you to explain my curiosity about computer science. In my childhood, I entered the world of science by questioning how the first bridge has stood for hundreds of years. Along with my education, I always progressed by asking the following question, how? . As each information I learned helps to take the next step in my development, and as an individual conscious of the development and consequences of technology along with my biological development, I decided to study computer engineering at Izmir Institute of Technology, so we can better understand together that meeting you on this blog is not a coincidence. I will try to share my happiness with you during this time as I will embody my excitement and curiosity in the HPC Implementation of Molecular Surfaces project No. 2132 for 2 months.

How did Journey to HPC start? 

This time let’s go to a very recent date, 2 years ago to 2019. This journey started with my first Summer of HPC hearing and googling it. When I examined the projects, when I saw that the world born with the colour of science is gathered under the roof of HPC, I said to myself: I will contribute to this world as soon as possible.

Journey to 2132 HPC Implementation of Molecular Surfaces

I discovered my interest in image processing with the Deep Vision course I took while doing Erasmus at Heidelberg University. When I returned to my school after completing my Erasmus, I took the computer architecture course and found myself in another field. My journey, which started in the CPU with these areas, started with parallel programming while looking for solutions to speed problems, to jump into a new knowledge pool. During this time, I processed my thesis and all my projects by analysing CPU and GPU with CUDA. At this point, while examining the 2021 Summer of HPC projects with the excitement of concretization, the following sentence crossed my mind while reading the description of the project. Here is the project I need to be part of. Let me talk a little bit about the purpose of the project,it is a fully functional molecular surface that aims to be made more robust, re-examined, fine-tuned and scaled up with getting the best performance. After completing the applications, I waited for the announcement date with excitement and my journey started with Your invitation to PRACE Summer of HPC 2021, which I saw in my e-mail.

Training Week

Gaining information, exchanging ideas, gaining a new perspective and having fun are the things I encounter often this week. Even though it was remote, it was a week where I could easily ask questions and get the answer in a way that eliminates the question mark in my mind, I could learn each topic by concretizing with exercises, I could not realize how the days during training week passed and at the end of each day, I could get rid of tiredness with a smile of learning.

Let’s discuss

When Eniac (the first computer) is introduced, the date was February 15, 1946. It weighed more than 30 tons and occupied 167 m2.


Its clock speed was 100,000 cycles per second. Nowadays, think about your computer through which you read this page. It weighs maybe 1kg, occupies about 0.12 m2. Its clock speed 4,000,000,000 (assumed 4ghz). When we think this continuum, do you think that each house will host the summer of HPC together in the future? Please write your ideas in the comment

Hint: Desktop quantum computer is expected to be released in 2022 which costs less than $5000.   

Thank you all of you for taking the time to read my blog. This is just the beginning. I hope to see you again in my next posts. Let’s begin…

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