The end.

The end.

At last we reach the end of the SoHPC program.

It has been amazing summer, and the participation in the SoHPC program was an exceptional experience. I am really happy with the results of our work as we put in a lot of effort in the making. We tested permaFoam under different test cases and evaluated it’s performance with different parameters, while running everything on Olympe Supercomputer.

The performance analysis conducted is split into three parts: the Execution Time Analysis, the Linear Solver Analysis and the source code Profiling. The results obtained are really interesting and can be viewed in the presentation below:

Presentation of project 2207.

Finally, I cannot express in words how grateful I am for this experience. I obtained great inside on how HPC infrastructures work and more in depth knowledge on scientific applications. I would like to thank my mentor for being supportive, encouraging and spending so much time on this project. Apart from that thank you to PRACE and the organising team for making this SoHPC amazing !

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