Thomas Wright

Thomas Wright
Thomas in traditional maesters attire, complete with magical staff
Thomas in traditional maesters attire, complete with magical staff

Thomas in traditional maesters attire, complete with magical staff

Thomas of House Wright, was born in the frigid north, outside the capital Winterfell, near enough as makes no matter. An ambitious youth, he had known from an early age that he would take up the pursuit of knowledge. When he reached manhood at age ‘eight and ten’ he gave a sacred vow to become a maester of the Citadel. His intellect was soon recognized and he swiftly rose above his peers and mastered the study of arithmetic, both theoretical and magical. As part of his studies he had a year long excursion to a guild of arcane arts where he developed for the He successfully forged his lead and silicon links this year.

Events took a turn for the worse for Thomas thanks to the action by the Norths declaration of independence from the union kingdoms of Europos. This left him with an ultimate not to be missed opportunity to further his study in the rest of Europos before full blown secession. The prospect of travelling and meeting other people in his field wholly appealed to him. The impeccable honor of his house compelled him to attempt to diplomatically ease relations between the north and the rest of the 28 Kingdoms. After consulting a weirwood, it was clear to him, the SOHPC program was the ‘program that was promised’.

Thomas traveled south across The Neck to the quiet town of Juelich. A town, appearing peaceful but in truth it’s trees conceal a center of supreme magical power. Here he participated in a week long meeting of maesters as part of SOHPC, much and more was learnt of High performance magic. Thomas will use this experience when he travels across the narrow sea to Irlandos, the most beautiful country in the world, it is known. Here he will work on the visualization of fluid and waves through high performance magical(HPM) means, with a local order of maesters who specialize in HPM. This project will be an opportunity to put his theoretical work into practice and experience it first hand. This will be of particular importance when he will return to the north to castle black and study to become an Arch Maester in theoretical models of concurrency.


This post was written in honor of great conversations with real life Thomas about George R.R Martins “A song of Ice and Fire” series. Thomas is an excellent fellow and will no doubt make an excellent SoHPC student, in addition he is very well equipped to start his PhD in September. For some trivia, his favorite Roman emperor is Constantine because of the work he did restoring the empire to greatness, though Thomas casually ignores Constantine’s execution of his own son.

His project –

The north – UK, Winterfell – London, magic – computers, Citadel – York,
Maester – Undergraduate, studied – mathematics and computer science – worked on websites, Norths independance – brexit
The neck – brittish channel, castle black – Edinburgh, Arch Maester – PhD

Awkwardly angled photo at Cologne Cathedral to exclude 'intimate' couple on other side of fountain.

Awkwardly angled photo at Cologne cathedral to exclude ‘intimate’ couple on other side of fountain.

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