Ambra Abdullahi Hassan

Ambra Abdullahi Hassan
Ambra Abdullahi Hassan

Ambra is a lovely, fun Italian girl of 24 years. Actually while her mom is Italian her dad comes from Somalia. Unfortunately she does not speak Somalian yet, nor has she been there — something she certainly wants to change in the future. Ambra is from Rome where she is currently engaging in a doctorates programme in Computer Science after having finished both a Bachelor’s in Physics and a Master’s in Mathematical Engineering.

Ambra Abdullahi Hassan

Ambra Abdullahi Hassan

She is particularly interested in so-called iterative solvers for linear systems of equations which are fundamental building blocks for numerous scientific and industrial applications.

One area of application is the field of Elementary Particle Physics — you know the sort of thing they do at CERN in Switzerland. This is why she picked a PRACE project related to exactly this subject for which she is going to the exotic Island of Cyprus. During her project she is going to optimise computer codes for the theory of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) which describes how the tiniest things we know of in the world stick together to form things like atoms, molecules, the Earth, the Sun and galaxies.
Ambra is very excited about how to put her theoretical knowledge into action and
teach a supercomputer how to simulate the wee little bits everything is composed of
(even you and your body!).
If she doesn’t hunch in front of a computer she loves to read mangas, takes care
of people with mental inabilities and (needless to say) enjoys delicious Italian Gelato.

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