Anurag Dogra

Anurag Dogra

This is my good friend Anurag Dogra. He is an Indian born, linguistic magician, salsa dancing phenomenon, who loves to feast on polish food. He studied his undergraduate degree in India in Mechanical and Automotive engineering, before completing his masters in Computational Material Science at TU Bergakadamie in Freiberg, Germany. “I think he’s a genius, lucky for me I am sitting next to him during the training week”.

After tearing up the dance floor listening to his favorite types of music, Jazz and EDM, he enjoys playing the popular video games Counter Strike and Call of Duty, all before showing his German peers how to play football properly, “Quite the talent”. Ladies watch out, this incredible chap knows his way around the kitchen, treating his fellow SOHPC’ers, to a feast of garlicky goodness, after a late night excursion into Juelich to “sample the local culture”. 

He is traveling to Bologna, Italy to work on In Situ Visualisation of the Navier-Stokes Tornado Effect, “I told you he was smart”. Whilst in Italy he plans to gorge on the finest Italian food he can purchase. Anurag doesn’t go any where without his trusty 2B pencil, apparently it’s his favorite lead thickness, “I am more of a HB man myself but we are all friends here”.

Anurag and I fighting with CUDA code.

Anurag has a passion for fine wrist watches and hopes to explore Switzerland at some point. He also mentioned his hopes to visit France, however after they recently dismantled the German football team (his favorite) he may have changed his mind. I hope this gave you an idea of Anurag but if not then imagine Ainsley Harriot, Einstein and Alien Ramirez  as one amazing combination.


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7 comments on “Anurag Dogra
  1. Ainsley Harriot says:

    The cultural differences are a nice addon to the SoHPC programme, I have never met a man who prefers 2B pencils!

  2. Alien Ramirez says:

    Don’t be sad Anurag, I have also had problems with CUDA and look at me now! Good luck in your future endeavours!

  3. Albert Einstein says:

    Anurag, look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

  4. Peggy Mama says:

    I hope he will visit Poland too! I’m sure girls are much better there than in Switzerland, also I’m sure he prefers them from watches 😉

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