Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt
Sam - Train Time

Sam – Train Time

Sam is a friend of mine from UK,another mechanical engineer like me but born and brought up in Manchester,England and he graduated his Master Degree from Durham University (North East of England).He is currently pursuing his PhD in Manchester University “Virtual prototyping in  renewable energy”.He had a very good experience  in the field of structural mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

He is now heading to Slovenia to gain more experience in the field of CFD with Summer of HPC 2016. His topic is “The CFD Devil is in CAD details” and this angel is going to defeat this CFD devil in University of Ljubljana.

My friend Sam is a sports person who loves to play tennis and football (retired football player). We enjoyed watching Euro 2016 semifinal match between Germany and France at Irish pub in Jülich. It was his first experience in Germany during training week in Jülich,we enjoyed a lot working and drinking beer.

He is really a fruitarian  monkey who always eat banana and love watching animated movies,one of his favorites “How to train your Dragon” . He is crazy, he always ask people about their favorite LED bulb color. I heard people saying red,blue,green or yellow, but his favorite is magenta. Apart from it he likes reading novels,his favorite one “Night Angel Chibis!” – Brent Weeks.

We also had a wonderful experience with CUDA codes in Jureca cluster while working together,we both were like new babies fighting with errors but in the end we made it with the help of our friend Tomislav. Sam is like my ‘CUDA partner in crime’.

He is sluggish,doesn’t want to tie shoelaces or he is fond of Crocs, he always wear Crocs. This angel wishes to do Motor Biking in New Delhi ,India. He is adventurous, likes water sports and wants to do Kayaking in Sweden.


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7 comments on “Sam Hewitt
  1. Caspian James says:

    Great Blog Anurag I really feel like I’ve truly got to know this interesting human being

  2. Brent Weeks says:

    How to train your dragon is my favorite movie too!

  3. Lleyton Hewitt says:

    Have a nice summer, bro!!

  4. Mitch Jones says:

    CUDA is for the weak! I like my GPUs coded in pure Assembly, I must say.

  5. Joe says:

    Sam, I thought I was the only magenta led lover !!

  6. Will Grigg says:

    Sam Hewitt’s on fire!:)

  7. Sheldon cooper says:

    Brent Weeks,One of my favorite authors.My favorite one is THE WAY OF SHADOWS.

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  1. […] & optimization problem. I’ve already discovered some heuristics which we follow. If Sam is really hungry we should go to Maxi where he can get a big schnitzel with a plenty of potatoes. […]

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