by Mario Gaimann & Raska Soemantoro (joint blog post) Hi everybody! It’s Raska and Mario here, back for a joint blog post. As we’re nearing the end of Summer of HPC 2021, we’ll be talking about how the project has …

Marine geologists love this new AI method that can recognize seabed structures! Read More »

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In a normal summer, all of the Summer of HPC (SoHPC) interns would stay at one of the PRACE’s 26 national supercomputing member institutions. As, of course, this is not a normal summer, the SoHPC 2021 has been designed as …

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Accelerated Computing Read More »

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A physicist, an engineer, two submarine geologists and a High Performance Computing (HPC) specialist walk in a bar. The engineer orders a drink and asks “Is this going to be a joke?” The physicist replies “No, this is going to …

Diving Deep Into Submarine Canyons – with High Performance Computing! Read More »

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