Hello there, I hope you’re ready to enter into the practical implications of our theoretical algorithm we saw last time. To refresh your mind, we want to find an elimination order of a graph that leads to lowest tree-width. To …

Parallel Flow-Cutter performances and conclusion Read More »

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Hi ! I hope you’re ready to dive with me into this specific algorithm which will provide us a solution to our last problem. If you remember correctly, our goal is to find an order for all the nodes in …

Diving in the unknown: The Flow-Cutter Algorithm Read More »

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Hello there, I’m Valentin Trophime from Grenoble in France. I study computer science in Evry (in the south of Paris) at Télécom SudParis. I will graduate next year with a specialization in distributed services. More personally, in life, I like …

Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation… Read More »

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