CFD predicts Wind loading on the Solar Tracker

CFD predicts Wind loading on the Solar Tracker

Why do we need solar trackers?

As we all know solar energy is a green energy. There is a increasing installation of the solar trackers each and every year in Europe. And it is more demanding  growing industry since European countries are in carbon trading scheme which is the first largest emission trading scheme in the world that is implemented  by the European union. So each country has limitations with the emissions for example if they want to emit more than that their limitation they should buy a certificate either from the commission or countries who saved their certificate.

what Ljubljana university is doing.

People from Mechanical department at Ljubljana university are working to find the better working structure for the solar tracker for any speed of wind loading. But before that they wanted to know how different wind load acts on the solar trackers. My work is here to give them some results about how the wind loads acts on the solar tracker. I used the computational fluid dynamics as a tool to analyze and visualize the wind loading on the solar tracker. For example if you see this picture it is recently taken from Slovenia, you could see that one it is completely broken because of the high wind speed or storm.


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