Mahmoud Elbattah

Mahmoud Elbattah


My name is Mahmoud, originally from Egypt, and currently a PhD student at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). I have been enjoying my time very much in Ireland. I love the vibrant campus of NUIG, and the relatively simple life in smaller towns like Galway City. I am joining a Summer of HPC project at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Being on the lookout for taking part in research-related projects, I am very glad to join the Summer of HPC program.  I particularly get a thrill out of doing research, and developing new ideas.  My enjoyment extends in the case of inter-disciplinary research projects that can jointly synthesize different fields (e.g. computing and life sciences). I expect to experience such inter-disciplinary advantages during the summer project, where I will be working closely with a climate scientist.

The Quadrangle, NUIG

With regard to my PhD research, it mainly involves simulation modeling along with machine learning (ML). We attempt to develop a hybrid approach that integrates simulation models with ML. At its core, our approach is based on the premise that a system’s knowledge can be partially captured and learned in an automated manner, aided by ML models. We conceive that the proposed approach can help lead to self-adaptive simulation models that can learn to change their behaviour in accordance with changes in the real-world system’s behaviour.

Besides computing and research, I have always been keen on learning about arts, particularly drama and theatre arts. I enjoy reading plays, and watching theatre very much. I also studied drama at the Academy of Arts in Cairo. I deeply believe that studying a quite different discipline has widened the breadth of my knowledge.

My favourite quote is “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, Benjamin Franklin.

With the SoHPC participants, Leon, Zheng, and Karina inside IT4I , Ostrava.

Have a look at my intro video shot inside the IT4Innovations supercomputing facility in Ostrava, Czech:

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