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Hello everyone! My name is Ceren. I am a final year student of Mechanical Engineering at Gazi University. I was studying industrial engineering in the first two years of university, but when I realized that this was not my dream, I transferred to the mechanical engineering department.

I love watching anime, playing basketball with my friends, hiking in nature, and listening to music. You can share your playlists with me. We can talk about music.

I met HPC at EuroCC@ Turkey High-Performance Computing Winter School. I realized that HPC is necessary for the job I want to do. After researching further, I saw the PRACE Summer Of HPC program and decided to apply. There were projects with incredible content, but I applied for the project coded 2128 in line with both my competence and my field of interest.

While preparing a report for the Jet Engine Design competition with my friends, I saw the acceptance email. I excitedly verified the content of the e-mail to all my friends. I really felt very happy.

As a participant of SoHPC 2021, I will be working with my project partner Bartu Yaman on the topic of S-gear geometry generation and optimization algorithm based on transient finite element mechanical/contact analysis.

In the first week of the program, they gave us training on the program process and on Python, Cython, OpenMP, MPI. Our instructors were really interested in teaching and answering questions.

What is the purpose of the project with code #2128?

The project has two main objectives :

  • Optimization procedure, based on transient finite element (FE) mechanical analyses of the gear meshing process, will also have to be developed and implemented using open source and/or commercial FE software inside an available HPC cluster.
  • Developing a custom algorithm that will enable the generation of both spur and helical type 3D gear geometries in CAD format.

This internship program is very important for me. Thanks to the internship program, I will learn new information, improve myself in engineering and find an answer to the question of which master’s degree program I should choose.

I will talk a lot about the project content in my next blog posts. You can easily contact me. I wish you all a peaceful day.

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