To Infinity… and Beyond!

To Infinity… and Beyond!

Hello everyone! I am Şahin Can Alpaslan from Turkey. Graduated from University of Kocaeli Chemistry department. I will be working project 2126 Benchmarking Scientific Software for Computational Chemistry in the Dutch National Supercomputer at SurfSara BV. The goal of this project is to get acquainted with different relevant software for scientific simulations and be able to analyse and describe the performance of the most relevant applications that are currently run by researchers in the field.

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Kocaeli Archeology Museum

Contrary to the general story, I was only interested in video games in my childhood, not programming. It didn’t take long for me to meet computational chemistry after I entered the chemistry department because I became interested in software. As I started to discover chemistry, I started my computer-aided chemistry research, thinking how I can speed it up and here I am!

I met HPC systems with Introduction to supercomputer training. Then I followed the trainings, met the people working on this subject and applied to PRACE Summer of HPC program.

What am I interested in besides HPC system and chemistry?

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Autonomous Car Training
  • Flying things
  • R/C
  • Anime
  • Researching what interest me

Feel free to follow the links below to know more about me and my work:

Thanks for getting to this point, I will be glad if you follow my blog. Do not hesitate to ask questions!

See you next post, be safe!

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