Final Reports on Summer of HPC

We have now reached the last week of the internship and I have just completed my final report. Summer of HPC has been a great experience. I learned a lot during the last two months and am pleased to have completed my final presentations and have something to show for all my work.


My final article

Our final reports were written in popular science format. These shall all be compiled into a magazine. Please feel free to read my Final article. There was no emphasis on highly scientific writing or rigour. Instead we focused on making our articles short, readable, and where possible; enjoyable- I have lots of pretty colours in mine.

Summer of HPC was concluded with one final teleconference in which we were all in turn given a chance to play our 2-5 minute video presentation. These presentations consisted of a wide variety styles. Some were slide presentations while others were visualisations. I started making mine by writing a slide presentation and including a couple of my favourite visualisations. But then I decided to elabourate a bit on the videos using some of ‘Active Presenter‘s’ cool tools. It was my first time using screencasting software- and I am willing to admit that I got a little carried away.


Presentation Screenshot

My video is available at this link. I have eliminated noise from my microphone as much as I can but there is a slight bit in the background and this is why, in the interest of a more watchable presentation, a lot of the visualisation is presented by my computer, Jarvis (I did come up with this name before Ironman). Jarvis, to the sound of very famous and well loved (public domain) music, shows the simulation of a steal cube being solved in real time. We can see clearly in the video the delay between steps of the visualisation while Paraview waits for the data from ESPRESO for visualisation of the next timestep. In the interest of a smooth (pretty) visualisation we concluded this video with the simulation of a fan blade. To produce this we saved pngs of timesteps during the real time visualisation and compiled them into a smooth (pretty) video.

I hope you enjoy my article and video. Summer of HPC is all about showing everyone (both participants and you blog readers) how fun and cool HPC can be and its practically limitless and rapidly expanding (limitless things can expand right?) application in the world of science. In this way I hope everyone reading my blog posts over the last two months has seen both the fun and academic side of Summer of HPC and found something that interested them.


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