I wanna be … a billionaire!

Here we are at the end of August and it is time to sum up all the job done during these two months of SoHPC.

Remember to check the previous posts if you are not update to the latest proceedings in my HPC journey.


Here we can see the results for the strong scaling experiment: if you don’t remember what we are talking about, just check again https://summerofhpc.prace-ri.eu/beads-beads-beads/

I must say am quite satisfied as I eventually managed to modify the DL Meso DPD code in order to run simulations with 3 billion particles. This was quite nasty, as there were several hidden variables that need to be modified to stock very big numbers: we are talking about long integers for those who are fond of computer sciences.

In conclusion, the DL Meso DPD code scales pretty well on very large GPU architectures. This result is amazing: by running these simulations, based on a mesoscale approach, we can jump several length scales and approximate pretty well the continuous nature of fluids.

To understand better, check the following video about a similar work based on a molecular dynamics perspective:

Moreover, this allowed me to run some very large jobs (up to 2048 nodes) on the Piz Daint supercomputer, which is kind of a story to talk about.

So here we are: the SoHPC is over and I couldn’t be any sadder. Not only it has been a great opportunity to work in an innovative environment on cut-edge research, but also the occasion to meet amazing people and live in the amazing city of Liverpool.

So, thanks for having followed this blog and, for the last time, in the immortal words of the fab four: “Hello, Goodbye”

Mechanical engineering graduate student, always ready for new experiences. Currently, in Warrington, UK, working on Mesoscale simulations on GPGPU architectures.

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