Maria Li López Bautista & SoHPC2021

Maria Li López Bautista & SoHPC2021
Me in Greece before COVID-19.

Hello there! Welcome to my blog, my name is Maria Li López Bautista and I will be posting about my journey in the Summer of HPC program. 
With the end of the training week and the start of the projects, it’s time for the presentations. So, here we go…

Introducing me

To begin with, I’m a 20-year-old undergraduate student of theoretical physics. Currently, I’m in my third year and thinking about my final degree project, if it can be said, what a nightmare having to choose! But fortunately, I’ve been accepted to take part of this amazing summer program which is full of knowledge of the programming world and its scientific applications. So, I hope it helps me decide…fingers crossed!!!

Well, let’s leave my student sorrows behind and proceed to proper introduce myself. First of all, I was born and bred in Barcelona, a city with plenty of activities to do and never ending. If I had to describe myself with one word, it would be curious. Because since I was a child, I had the need to know beyond what it seems at first sight. Maybe I should also say that I’m a bit stubborn because once I have an idea fixed in my head I don’t stop until it comes true. Finally, about my hobbies I have to say that I love listening to music and reading science-fiction books as well as hanging out with my friends.

About the Project

SURF Research Cloud: a workspace’s components, including datasets

In the following months, my partner and I will be working on the project 2127 Maximising data processing efficiency in the cloud, with a twist for Research Data Management. As the title implies, the purpose of the project it’s to study the outcomes of different data processing techniques in the cloud to decide which one is best for each case and data type.

To sum up, we’ll learn how to handle storage for data processing in scientific research as well as how to apply them to cloud computing, and how to use Research Data Management principles in practice with real cases. Therefore, we’ll be working in the Research Data Management field and getting into the SURF Research Cloud.

(Virtual) Greetings from Barcelona! I hope to see you around here!

Me in the Summer of HPC Online Version

Kind regards,


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