Evguenia Usoskina

Evguenia Usoskina

Evguenia Usoskina

Evguenia Usoskina is thrilled to be a part of the Summer of HPC. She will be travelling to Slovenia in the summer to work on the Visualization support for scientific workflows with Visit Kepler Actor.

Evguenia is 23, she prefers to be called Jane and she does tango and swing dancing. She is graduating on the 1st of July in Computational Physics at Edinburgh. She was born in Russia although she has lived in Finland since she was 11 and until she started her degree. She studied in an international school there and she decided to move to Edinburgh to continue studying in English and to try living somewhere else. Moreover everyone told her how beautiful and wonderful Edinburgh was.

She chose that degree because she liked Maths and found Physics really inetersting.Although she  started off doing just pure physics, she switched to computational physics when she realised that  she really likes programming.

She got a taste of HPC because her university offers a Masters degree in HPC, and she was allowed to take some of the courses they offer this year. she found it really interesting, and that is the reason why she applied for the summer of HPC.

I found her project interesting because it will be written in JAVA, which she feels very comfortable with, and she wants to gain experience in it. She also thinks it’s a really interesting project to work with in terms of understanding scientific workflows and the concept of encapsulation. She is really excited about how amazing this experience is going to be and  she is really looking forward to working on a bigger project.

Jane enjoys using social media as a means of communication and promotion for ideas or organisations and she loves writing ( She’s worked as a freelance journalist for an online magazine for a few summers) . In her opinion a  blog is a really easy, relaxed and enjoyable way of sharing your experience, so she is looking forward to sharing it in the blog.

This profile was written by Alba Pedro-Zapater.

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