Jasper Kursk
Jasper Kursk

Jasper Kursk

Jasper Kursk

Jasper Kursk

Jasper Kursk is really interested in attending the HPC summer student programme. He will be travelling to Italy in the summer to work on the Visualization of 3D-3V simulations of plasma turbulence together with another student Peter Thompson. Their project mentor will be Giuseppa Muscianisi.

He was born in Tallinn, Estonia, where he lived 19 years until the end of high school.  Currently, he lives in Tartu where he is a student at the University of Tartu and is in his second year studying physics. Jasper wants to specialize in astronomy, which is his passion. He has studied spectroscopical and spectroastrometric methods and has done photometric observations during studies in Tartu Observatory and he really likes it.

Jasper has two siblings. A brother that is a bit more than year older than he and a sister who just finished 9th grade. He doesn’t have any pets, but when he settles down somewhere, he would definitely get one or two cats. He likes listen to a lot of music and draw. Occasionally he cycles or plays table tennis. He can talk or at least understand 5 languages, namely Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish, and has basics in Dutch.

Jasper first heard about the HPC during a mechanics course, where he was dealing with n-body simulations and learned programming in the C language. He wants to learn more about parallel computing and visualization to improve his programming skills. He is also excited to learn more about HPC applications in Physics and especially in Astronomy.

This profile was written by Lukáš Malý.

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  1. Hannes says:

    Not to forget strong basics in German as well!