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Lukáš Malý is really interested in attending the HPC summer student programe. He has been selected to work at Copenhagen, in Denmark, on parallel k-means clustering in computational astrophysics.

He was born in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where he still lives with his family, his parents and two brothers, David and Tomas. The latter is his twin. They have a quite big Belgian sheepdog. He didn’t really love dogs till he had one.

Lukáš likes to play sports. He attended a special hockey-class, when he was in primary school, and he continued to play ice-hockey during  secondary school. He usually plays football with his friends and, currently, he is trying climbing.

Movies are another of his passions. He appreciates all film genres but he prefers Czech autors and Czech movies. One of his best movies is Stalker directed by Andreu Tarkovskij.

He has recently  his Master studies in computer science. His Master thesis is on the primal methods of domain decomposition and boundary elements. For his future, he would like to continue his studies as a PhD student and, in the meanwhile, get a job.

This is the first time that Lukáš has attended a summer school programe. He wants to learn more about parallel computing in order to improve his programing skills. Indeed, he hopes that the HPC Summer School can help him in the computer science field.

This profile was written by Simone De Camillis.

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