Peter Labus

Peter Labus
Peter Labus, one of the partecipant at the PRACE Summer of HPC

Peter Labus is a 29 years old PhD student at the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, a harbor city located in the north-east of the wonderful country of Italy.

Peter Labus, one of the partecipant at the PRACE Summer of HPC

Peter Labus, one of the partecipants at the PRACE Summer of HPC

While completing his PhD in Theoretical Physics he is attending a Master’s program in High Performance Computing (Although at times exhausting it is very rewarding, he says).

He is working on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity and he is using powerful numerical methods to efficiently tackle some of the most challenging problems in this field.

During the PRACE Summer of HPC he wants to focus on the practical aspects of writing optimized parallel codes for supercomputers. He will spend two months at the Julich Supercomputing Center in Germany to work on lattice Quantum Chromo Dynamics. This is a discretized version of the theory of elemental particles that form the nuclei of atoms. Lattice QCD is one of the most computationally expensive areas in High Performance Computing, requiring enormous resources and even specially designed supercomputers (this is not bad for such tiny particles, isn’t it?). If you are not familiar with quantum field theory, you probably just need to know that these kind of simulations are used to study how matter interacts and it provides information on the phase of matter few millisecond after the Big Bang (to know more about Peter’s project, see

Peter is excited about starting this experience and looks forward to join Julich Supercomputing Center’s research group (There he will meet researchers using simulations to gain deeper understanding on a wide range of phenomenons) .  We are sure he will do a great job!

But in Peter’s life there is room for other hobbies other than physics and supercomputing: he likes playing the Viola, boxing, rock climbing, yoga, meditation and singing under the shower (mostly opera singing). He does not have time to be bored, I suppose!

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