SoHPC Team Scores Last in Pub Quiz!

A mixed German-Austrian-Finnish-Turkish team scored last in Monday’s pub quiz at Reverie in Newington Road, Edinburgh, and earned nothing but laughter and disgust for the worst joke ever. We won’t tell it here, no chance.

The evening started when our little group headed out to get something to eat. We arrived at the pub just shortly before the kitchen closed, and ordered potato skins and “gourmet” haggis cake. The food was amazing, but then the quiz started. Our team did unexpectedly well by answering at least three out of twenty questions correctly. This resulted in a glorious last place.

2013-07-01 21.22.23 IMG-20130702-01339

Finally, we want to mention the rich choices in beer they offer there, starting with Lager and Scottish ale. After all, we enjoyed our evening there a lot, and recommend anybody to go there after such a hard working day as we had in the OpenMP course.

This post was written by Hannes, Onur, Nathan & Niki

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