Bioflow in Coronary Arteries

Simulation and visualization of bioflow in coronary arteries

Location: National Center for High Performance Computing, Istanbul Technical University (UHEM), Turkey

Project Abstract:

The aim of this project is the modelling of blood flow within coronary artery and visualization the large data set with Paraview – an open source visualization tool.

This project will have two students.

 Turkey - Bioflow - Celebi2 

Project Mentor: M. Serdar Çelebi
Site Co-ordinator: Emre Onat

Learning Outcomes:

Student will gain experience in

  •   CFD modelling techniques
  •   CFD software OpenFOAM
  •   Visualization software Paraview
  •   Visualization techniques on HPC systems

Student Prerequisites (Compulsory):

  • Basic Linux skills
  • Elementary knowledge of HP computing

Student Prerequisites (Desirable):

  • Knowledge of CFD and Fluid Dynamics
  • Prior experience with OpenFOAM and Paraview
  • Programming skills in C/C++

Training Materials:

Examples of Simulation and visualisation of bioflow in coronary arteries from Dr. Celebi’s project research group:

Project Application Reference: Turkey – UHEM –  Bioflow in Coronary Arteries

Applications are now closed

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