Using open source CFD (OpenFOAM) for turbulence modelling of different wall-bounded flow regimes

Using open source CFD (OpenFOAM) for turbulence modelling of different wall-bounded flow regimes

Project reference: 1519

Development of the high performance computers (HPC) has made possible conducting numerical simulation of fluid flow of practical interest. Turbulent separated bluff body flows are of great importance for the CFD community. Many turbulence models are developed to properly capture, with some success, the mechanisms found in the flow separation behind a bluff body.

This project aims in testing the ability of the current turbulence models found in the open source CFD (OpenFOAM) for high Reynolds number flows. Unsteady Reynolds Navier-Stokes (URANS) approach will be used for modelling the turbulent separated flows. The work will be done using the HPC resources offered at ULFS. Also, visualization of the results will be carried using ParaView.



Project mentor: Marijo Telenta


Site Co-ordinator: Leon Kos


Learning Outcomes

The students will gain experience in using open source code, visualization of data, and utilizing the HPC resources


Student Prerequisites (compulsory)

UNIX, CFD (open source and/or commercial)


Student Prerequisites (desirable)

Python, C++


Training Materials



  • Week 1 : training week
  • Week 2 : model set up
  • Week 3 : numerical simulations, report writing
  • Week 4 : numerical simulations
  • Week 5 : numerical simulations
  • Week 6 : result analysis
  • Week 7 : data visualization
  • Week 8 : final product


Final Product Description

Results will be accessible as a report and the data will be visualized and presented with figures and videos.


Adapting the Project – Increasing the Difficulty

If time allows, new/improved turbulence model could be developed.


Adapting the Project – Decreasing the Difficulty

If time restriction occurs, grid dependence test could be avoid. Also, not all turbulence models need to be covered



HPC Prelog (768 cores), OpenFoam, ParaView, Python, Mathematica, Inscape, Gimp, Latex


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


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