Hello everyone, again! I am very sorry for not writing to you for three weeks, it has been three weeks where we haven’t stopped adding changes and analyzing data in order to show you what we are achieving. In these …

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My “Hello world” blog post for Prace Summer of HPC 2020. Introducing myself and my first thoughts about SoHPC 2020.

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​DPD simulation of spontaneous vesicle formation of amphiphilic vesicle: formed vesicle (left) and cross-section with encapsulated water (right)image credits : www.scd.stfc.ac.uk Hello world! In this post I’m going to introduce myself. I’m Davide Crisante, I’m from Italy and I study …

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I really would have liked to write this post while I was enjoying the cool morning mist in Edinburgh. But here I am, at my home in Izmir, Turkey; suffering from a heat stroke. I am a computer engineering student …

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Hi there, this is a brief introduction about myself and what I’m working on recently. About Me My name is Cem. My education life has some zigzagging from engineering to astrophysics, but finally I found myself in the world of …

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Hello again! After talking about myself and training week in my last blog, I said that in my next articles I will explain the project. I keep my word and share the details of the project with you on this …

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An expanding SNe interacting with a surrounding torus of matter.

An update on my progress with Project #2003, featuring snapshots of various Supernova Explosion Simulations, which I modeled over the last few weeks.

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Hello all! In this first post I will introduce myself and share my point of view and interests regarding the Summer of HPC by PRACE. Who I am? My interests in computation and more During my study I had many …

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As promised, here is an update of my Summer of HPC adventure. For the past two weeks, I have been working in the project 2017 – Benchmarking and performance analysis of HPC applications on modern architectures using automating frameworks “at” SURFSara.  From …

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Hi all, this is an introduction to myself and Summer of High Performance Computing (SoHPC) from a point where I stand. If this is your first time hearing about HPC or SoHPC, you should definitely check out About HPC & …

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Hello everybody! I hope you are all well.As you can see in the featured image I am really excited about receiving the programme’s t-shirt! So, in my last blog post I introduced myself and asked you to answer a question …

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Hi, my name is Aarushi Jain. I am a Computer science and engineering student from Indore, India. I am in pre-final year of my graduation. I am working on project no. 2024 “Marching Tetrahedrons on GPU” under SoHPC-2020. I have …

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“It’s not a matter of interest, it’s a matter of passion”. Hi everyone, I’m Federico Sossai and this summer I will work on hybrid programming to get the best performance out of VSC3!

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The Beginning of the Journey to SoHPC 2020 It was a normal office working day. I was working on my research project and suddenly I heard a “ding” bell. It was an email from my project research supervisor which mentioned …

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During the last 5 years, a big chunk of computations done previously on the CPU are being moved into GPUs because graphic cards are really good at working with enormous amount of data, so, why is x86 trying to improve …

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Well that’s an odd question… you just file up in a queue obviously, or the shortest queue if there are multiple ones, and get in the back of such line. Well yes, that is one way to do it, and …

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A short blog about my me and my journey to PRACE Summer of HPC along with a brief introduction to my project here in SoHPC and how I spent my first few weeks of the summer school.

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Welcome to my Summer of HPC blog! In this post I will tell a little about my self and about the very exciting start of the SoHPC program.

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Hey Folks, it is been a while since I started my adventure in quantum computing at the Irish Center for High-End Computing and so far it is mind-blowing. Together with my colleague Sara, we started implementing an algorithm to compare …

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My name is Andreu and I’m working on a project about implementing DNN for Astrophysical problems in the SoHPC program. If you are curious about HPC and how to implement in edge science, this post is for you!

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